A rising tide lifts all boats

West Hills, California.

West Hills, California.

Interconnectedness and joy

The membrane that connects all things is vibrant and nuanced. If in fact one believes in god (and I do), the advaitists of the shankara tradition in the east posit that there is only one thing; there are not two things. This makes sense to me.

One feature in common to all world religions is the concept that god has characteristics. I will refer to god without gender.

God is omnipotent: God has all power to do anything.

God is omnipresent: God is present everywhere at the same time.

God is omniscient: God knows everything.

As we live in the world and grow and evolve, more becomes revealed to us every moment, unless we willingly ignore it. What is omniscient god's purpose for this constant rediscovery? It is simple. 

Joy. The joy of discovery. The joy of the reveal. The joy of observing without agenda the play and display of nature. In order to have this reveal, one must move from a state of knowing less to knowing more. According to vedic tradition god gave itself this gift of forgetting in order to remember, of seeming separation in order to experience being reunited.

A state of confusion gives way to a more enlightened state of seeing things as they are.

The boundaries that separate us are imaginary. If I have a mental state of anger, anguish, or despair as I enter a space full of people, any interactions will be rough going. These mental states are dependent on a willing ignorance of the fact that I already have everything I need in that moment. It is an ego-reinforcement of a state of lack.

Now if I enter the same space with the knowledge that I am complete, whole, and happy, my interactions with individuals will be more joyful, leaving everyone involved slightly elevated in mood and outlook.

This is a choice that I can make more often than I may have in the past.

Try an experiment in your interactions with others today. Try to embody and radiate the ease, calmness, and acceptance that you tend to feel in your best moments, putting aside the concerns, expectations, and conditions that others behave this way or that for you. Approach everyone with the knowledge that they are doing the best they can at that moment. See if you experience more smiles and less conflict.

This may be how a more peaceful world begins.

Boats on the Ganges, Allalabad, Northern India.

Boats on the Ganges, Allalabad, Northern India.