Clarity in Retrospect

Maa Ganga, Rishikesh, Northern India.

Maa Ganga, Rishikesh, Northern India.

All pivotal decisions in my life have been the result of the subtle tug of charm

Sometime between the ages of eighteen and twenty, i made a life-changing decision to stop eating meat. It was certainly not a decision that was supported by my peers, my family, or the culture at large. yet, I made this decision, and stuck to it, and it has made an amazing difference in my health. I had no idea at the time this would be the case, and had I subjected this decision to the usual barrage of logic-driven arguments or the state-of-the-art medical wisdom of the early 1970s, it never would have happened. Yet it did.

Around ten years ago, my friend told me she had started meditating. I was interested, and she directed me to a private home in Hollywood where Thom Knoles was giving an intro talk. My finances at the time were laughably low, but I committed to the course fee and was given a mantra, attended follow up classes, and began a journey that has meant everything to the growth of my mental and spiritual well-being in the subsequent years. Common-sense thinking would not have supported this decision, but some part of me followed the tug of charm.

Three years ago, I had an epiphany while riding my bike and watching the sunrise over los angeles. I looked up at a grove of palm trees and somehow knew that I would become a teacher in this meditation tradition. I spent the next two years in arduous study, traveled to India, and finally received dispensation from my initiation teacher, Jeff Kober, to pass on this beautiful technique. The rewards of having done so have surpassed my wildest dreams. Reason would have discouraged me from following this path, but perseverance won the day, and secured my future.

I have an endless number of other examples in my life where forces other than my fear-driven ego were victorious in spite of the prevailing wisdom of the time. Regular twice-daily meditation aids me in this quest for growth, and so I will continue...

Nature is full of examples of beauty in the seemingly random structure of its growth and interdependence.

I find regular communion with unadulterated nature has a renewing and revitalizing effect on my moods, my capacity to love, and my capability to produce creative work.

Connecting with nature regularly is a luxury i cannot afford to miss.