How can I manage well?

View from Ryan Mountain, Joshua Tree National Monument, California.

View from Ryan Mountain, Joshua Tree National Monument, California.

living without manipulation

Manipulation requires a lot of energy. When we perform an action, the closer to the purity of the original intent we stay in consciousness, the better. As we allow other considerations to enter, such as "how will this be perceived," "how can I control other's reactions to my action," the transparency of our intention becomes muddied.

The more energy we waste on projection and speculation, the more tired we become, and the less we have available to be present for happenings in the moment. If we constantly time travel into the future, we will miss the only time actually available to us, the here and now. What to do?

The only perceptive ability appropriate to choosing the correct action to perform is our divine intuition. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells the warrior Arjuna "yogastha kuru karmani." This translates to "Established in being, perform action." How do we establish ourselves in being?

We meditate. We give ourselves over to nature to direct and permeate our consciousness, twenty minutes, twice a day. The only agenda we have in doing so is to return to our simplest form of awareness. We fill up with healing adaptation energy, then we go out into the world and use it up. This is "establishing ourselves in being."

Then we perform action. Not an unruly chaotic action, but one grounded in our highest self. We act with the confidence of one who is connected to nature.

When we first learned meditation, we were told to effortlessly and innocently repeat our mantra and were rewarded with an inner calm, a sense of wholeness and peace.

This simple approach to existence is a far better and more efficient use of our intellect than paranoid mood-making or frantic convoluted explanations as to why we don't fit in with the rest of the universe. 

If we stay in the moment and continue our meditation practice, we stand a chance at increasing happiness.

Descanso Gardens, La Canada, California.

Descanso Gardens, La Canada, California.