Center of the Universe

Start from Where you Are

This newsletter was created in an AirBnB room in Memphis, Tennessee. We are on a road trip, delivering a car to a dear friend in Pikeville, TN. I have a desire to fulfill my usual obligation to my teaching and the Veda to post my newsletter on time. this is a technical challenge because I only have my iPad, not my desktop Mac to work with.

The usual array of tools at my disposal to accomplish this task are not available, so I am going with what I have. The Veda posits that intention and attention are powerful tools to reshape consciousness and evolution. So, while I might be more comfortable with the system I have previously used to edit the page, I have to work with this one, and since I will be on the road till autumn, this will be the method to refine and get used to.

My intention is that the newsletter continue to be available to my readers by 9 am pacific time, that it relate to Vedic teachings and that it is useful in some fashion. All intention and attention need is a desire, a charm, a creative impulse. If I have these things, my practical problem-solving skills can then kick in and help me complete the task, even in unfamiliar terrain.

When we meditate, we become open to new skills and inspirations, because we are no longer a lonely ego struggling against the universe. Nature itself steps in to aid us. We trust where we were once wary, and we are rewarded with more raw material than we originally expected.

Where we are is where we need to begin from. The sense that knowledge or wisdom is necessarily location dependent is erroneous, an illusion of the ego.