Falls Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee.

Falls Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee.

Plugging into the infinite Ocean

Interaction with the world can be draining. As we move through our day, environmental and personal stresses occur. These experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

If, as the Veda posits, there is only one thing, and we are a part of that thing, then we cannot truly be apart from our source. We can, however, through ignorance, become oblivious to our oneness. The cloud that temporarily occludes the bright sunshine does not in any way diminish the power of the sun. We can aspire to be ever more mindful of this fact and be assured that the sun is always there, though it may be hard to see at times. The source of energy from which we came is always present, always accessible to us to plug in to.

How do we do this? One way is to meditate. We sit quietly and allow nature to have her way with us, not judging the experience, just patiently observing. Twenty minutes, twice a day. Our practitioners unfailingly report quantum rewards as a result of a diligent routine.

Thoughts, feelings, opinions, moods, all signposts of the ego's personality, are in fact transitory states that will inevitably change. The Self, that which is eternal, cannot be touched or affected by these temporary states, no matter how furious or noisy they become.