Frozen in Time

The Myth of Achievement

Our ego tells us that it is possible, through effort and determination, to achieve a state of safety. The problem with this idea is that it misjudges the nature of reality. It is akin to perceiving the world as a static, fixed place, not the dynamic, ever-changing dance of subtle energies that it is.

The truth is that we can be safe, but not by manipulating people, places, and things, as the ego would have us do. We surrender and let go, something we have been doing diligently by meditating twice daily . We can join the stream of life instead of trying to control and direct the flow. We become present to the moment, accepting all with an open heart, not with a demanding, clutching grip.

Since all our senses are present and aware, not focused and tensely fixated on outcomes, we can take life as it comes. We are available to whatever changes come our way, because we are no longer being held prisoner by our own expectations.

If we take our cue from nature itself, we realize that true safety and security come from acceptance of what is; the ever-changing present is all we have. 

Twice-daily meditation and regular attendance at Vedic knowledge meetings are recommended to get the most out of one's practice. The sense of expansiveness that occurs in a group meditation setting is a welcome reinforcement of the resolve and dedication we need to continue growth as a meditator.

Lithia Creek in rain, Ashland, Oregon.

Lithia Creek in rain, Ashland, Oregon.