Confluence - CD


Confluence - CD


This is a collection of compositions inspired by the rivers of India. Each river is a character in the story, and the images the music creates describe a journey into the souls of all the river touches. All of these journeys lead one to transcendence.

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An emerging Confluence of Chuck Lee Bramlet      

by Migrant Filmworker

I have been following Chuck as an artist and human being for ten years now. Every album has resonated, lyrically, musically. Confluence is an amalgamation of all of his technical experience, spiritual wandering and wisdom. With out lyrics it penetrates and soothes. Stereophonically cinematic and visual in tone I have listened to it four times now and love it more each time. Next please!

An Aural Feast

by Tspoonful

Sensual, textural, deep and ultimately beautiful musicality. It goes beyond just the New Age category and hits areas that all of Chuck Bramlet's music touches: The Personal Journey. Highly recommended, as are all of his albums.

Imaginative and evocative music capturing the mood and essence of India.   

by jus' sayin

Chuck Lee Bramlet has beautifully improvised his guitar work over evocative strains of Indian influenced music to evoke the riot of color, sounds, smells, and experiences that is India. 
Close your eyes, listen and be transported...